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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Download EA Soccer Game FIFA Football 2005 free

Fifa Football 2005 Game Cover

FIFA Football 2005 ( Football ) Game Description
FIFA Football, the game which is very popular among all the ages. Fan following of FIFA football is always higher than any other sports. Just like the fans and followers list of football sports is uncountable, the game has the same stats. FIFA 2005 is not the first edition to the series of Soccer Game of FIFA. It released in the year 2005 by EA sports production.

EA sports production always comes up with the extremely sharp look of the game, they allow you to manage of real teams comprising of real players that dressed up with real uniforms. FIFA soccer 2005 edition by EA sports is so far the best FIFA game to date.

FIFA Football 2005 retains all the off-the-ball functionality of previous year's offering and adds convincing ball physics and some excellent first-touch gameplay mechanics to the mix.

Another important addition to this edition game is throw-ins, which in many previous games including FIFA Football 2004, have made it far more complicated for the team awarded the throw to retain possession of the ball.

How to Play:
There has been nothing special or difficult addition made to play this game. All the options, settings and controls are very much similar like previous version, either you are playing with a keyboard or with a joystick you will not find any kind of difficulties or hassle to play this game.

Developer / Publisher : EA Canada and Electronic Arts
Released : 2004
Genre : Sports Soccer/Football
Series : FIFA
Platform : PC, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, N-gage, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows etc.

FIFA Football 2005 ( Football ) Game Requirements

Windows XP
Processor 3 1.5Ghz
HDD Space 1Gb free
65-128 Mb Card Graphics Nvidia/ATI Compatible
DirectX Compatible Sound
DirectX: 9b

FIFA Football 2005 Download Free

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